Monday, January 19, 2009

The Things We Learn from T.V.

So I took a little break from posting. It's been pretty hectic here, and most of what's been going on has just been annoying. Lots of teen stuff and refinancing the house stuff and why won't my bankruptcy clients pay me stuff -- although I suppose that's sort of an oxymoron there; since they ARE in bankruptcy, that should tell me they don't have any $$.

Anyway, my sister recently posted an entry about a show from the UK called Survivors and what she's learned from that show. Then she mentioned watching Criminal Minds and what she's learned from that show and that I had once posted all my recently-gleaned Supernatural nuggets of wisdom. I also included some Bones observations. It's amazing what we learn - or think we learn - from watching television!

I was trying to catch up on past seasons of Criminal Minds recently. I watched season 1 and part of season 2 before Christmas, then finished up season 2 in the first week of January. I finally had to take a "death" break after they showed an episode where a psychiatrist killed his patients by whatever their worst fear was: drowning, buried alive, burning, you get the picture. I decided during the break to watch one of my favorite UK comedies, Spaced. It's not too long and I will definitely keep it around for those times when I don't have anything else to watch or just need to watch something hysterical. Sort of like my go-to books for when I don't have anything else to read!

I've gotten back into finishing up with Criminal Minds. Let me just say that I NEVER simply pull into my garage now. I pull in, then turn around and scan the doorway while it's shutting just to make sure no serial killers slip in while I'm waiting for the door to shut. Then I always think, Wait a minute, if a serial killer were out to get me, he'd probably be in the house already, hiding, waiting for me to go to bed, and this tiny little door lock isn't going to save me. Thankfully, we live in Buckley where there's been one (1) murder in the past 100 years. And he probably deserved it for not paying his child support - who am I to judge?

This morning I was watching last week's Supernatural which, let's face it, we really don't watch for the plot, although it is admirable that they have one. It happened to be an episode where this inbred sister and brother team lived within the walls of this farmhouse, eating rats and killing adults who tried to live there. Alex was hanging out with me, and after a particularly disturbing scene where we learned the girl is not a ghost and is, in fact, HUMAN, I glanced at Alex who had a horrified look on her face. I volunteered to turn the channel, which she jumped at. She said something to the effect of this being the scariest show and why would I even watch it. Well, duh, Sam and Dean.
But this particular episode did bring to mind the CREEPIEST episode of the XFiles, Home. It was about this inbred clan who just kept inbreeding and also killed people when they weren't impregnating their mother. Hello. They also always played this song by Johnny Mathis called Wonderful, I think, and I know there are people out there who saw that episode and if they were to hear that song on the radio, would immediately think of that show.

Of all the demons Sam and Dean have fought and the aliens and weirdos Mulder and Scully encountered, why were the creepiest ones the inbreds?

Oh, also, today is Inauguration Day. Alex thought it would be awesome to be able to hang out and talk to a real Secret Service guy, while Samantha asked if dad could run for president so she could live in the White House. I told her she could mention it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our favorite Lady Vol

We had a great time at the basketball game in Spokane. Afterwards, we got some autographs, Pat Summitt, Jami Schaefer (of course) and her sister Angie. I'm sure the rest of the Tennessee team was thinking, What the hell? when they got to Spokane and it snowed like two feet in two days. But we sure appreciated them making the trip!

The cousins, as usual, loved staying at the hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. They have a hotel dog who lays around the lobby letting people pet him, so you know the Fiedlers were thrilled. Samantha went swimming twice with her cousins, Max and Carter. When we pulled up to the hotel to check in, she said, "I hope they have cookies." We walked in the door, saw the dog, Kip, and yes, huge sugar cookies. A great time was had by all!