Friday, December 14, 2007

How to phase your accent out

Since I basically proof-read for a living, I do tend to proof-read road signs while driving and think about it for miles and miles when I see a misspelling or a word used wrong. I guess it's a serious pet peeve of mine. But I also like to note it when people say things differently. For instance, there's this traffic chick on KOMO 4 morning news. I can't say she's new, since I hardly ever get to watch the morning news (I'm usually stuck watching The Fairly Oddparents - GAAH). But this lady has sort of this half accent. It sort of reminds me of the time on Friends when Ross started teaching a college course with a fake English accent and his friends told him that to get rid of the accent, he needed to fade it out. So Ross starts using his fake accent for every third or fourth word. Hysterical. Anyway, so listening to this traffic announcer lady, at first I though, Hm, does she have an accent? Oh, no, she doesn't. Wait, yes, she does. Oh, I guess not. Woops, there we go again. So that drove me nuts until she said, "Both the driver and passenger were taken to hospital." So I've only ever heard people from England say "taken to hospital" or "released from hospital today", so I'm assuming the accent she's trying to hide or trying to pretend she has is English. But I actually think it sounds kind of cool to say "taken to hospital" instead of "taken to THE hospital," so it's okay. I'm actually a huge UK TV fan, which is what I'm planning on watching in January if the writer's strike is still going on. Take that, American TV!

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