Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quinn's Hotsprings Resort

My parents, Scott and Jana, Carter and Max, and my family and I went to Quinn's Hotsprings Resort Saturday to meet up with my relatives from Spokane, Jim and Patti, Brittany, Drew and Drew's fiance Jami. We had a really good time, and the kids LOVED the pools. Quinn's has five pools of varying temperatures, the hottest being around 105 degrees, I think, while the coolest was 56. 105 may sound hot, but when the outside temperature is in the 20's (I'm guessing), it's really comfortable. And since there's no chlorine in the water, we didn't have to deal with trying to comb out Alex's hair afterward. But if you got out and wiped yourself with a towel and then got back in, when you got out again, your towel would be frozen in the pile you left it in. If we were to ever go back again, I would definitely take a ROBE and SLIPPERS or FLIP-FLOPS. Man. But other than that, the pools were nice, the food was good, the company was delightful, and even the ride to and from was just plain fun. Air Supply's Making Love Out of Nothing At All is one for the ages.

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