Friday, December 28, 2007

Last Day in Montana

Well, we decided to go ahead and start for home a day early, mostly because it snowed in Kalispell almost all day. Not the dumping kind of snow, but enough to stick a little and leave three or four inches. Also enough to finally sled. A couple of times yesterday, Samantha came up to me and said, "Two more days until we leave!" like she was so excited to get the hell out of here. Then today, after we decide it might be prudent to give ourselves an extra day, she starts in on me with, "I don't want to leave. Tomorrow isn't the 30th." I finally told her to stop worrying because she was going to give herself a tummy-ache. I told her it's okay to be sad to leave Grandma and Grandpa and all her cousins, but we will be back... Then she starts bargaining with me, "Okay, in January." "No, maybe February when you have mid-winter break." "No, I want to come in January." "Whatever you little turd. Go to sleep."

We fed the ducks at Woodland Park yesterday and today. It's a totally different kettle of fish when you feed them in the winter. They SWARM you and your baggie of bread or popcorn, and the bigger ducks and the geese HONK at you LOUDLY and sometimes peck at your feet. The kids all stood on the park bench while I tried to lead ducks away to give them some space. Luckily, Jana was there with her camera to do this:
Five seconds later, they were all running to the car, screaming. They described it as a real-life, violent videogame.

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