Sunday, December 30, 2007

TV Update

So I'm home from Montana and totally into Everest: Beyond the Limit 2007. I watched a couple more episodes today, and I now have four left. I may have to look into the first season. Plus, while you are watching a show on Discovery Channel, you see all these commercials for other shows, and you sit there thinking, "Hmm, that looks kind of cool." I could end up watching a lot more DC this winter.

I'm also pretty excited to start watching Robin Hood Series 2 again. I was watching weekly as it was being shown, but soon got behind, so now I'm going to start at the beginning again and work my way through. One of the reasons I'm excited about RH is, of course, Jonas Armstrong. Last year after watching RH Series 1, I have to admit I was pretty obsessed. I read how he had been working out since last year and had put on 20 some pounds of muscle, but I remember in the first few eps of this series, I was thinking, to me, he kind of just looks plumper. Not that he was ever fat, but his body type last year was sort of tennis player/swimmer type, which was just fine by me! I have a Google Alert in place on him, and I was just reading on someone's blog that they thought he looked chubbier this year. So since I am planning on watching the whole second series all at once, I'm sure I'll be able to come to an opinion on my own!

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