Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to School

So it was back to school today for three of the Fiedlers, and back to working at home all by myself, with an occasional appearance by one or both of our cats, Tonks and Tugger, just to remind me that they don't care that I'm here and actually don't need me at all, except that they can't reach the bag of cat food and don't like to use the litter box unless it's relatively clean. Alex called to let me know she forgot her gym uniform, so I had to race Samantha out of here early to drop it by her school. Then I had to again teach my kindergartener that no, she can't stay home with me anymore and that she will be attending school an average of five days a week, except for summer, for at least the next 12 or so years.

I honestly don't understand this little power struggle thing Samantha has started pulling on me the last few months. It goes something like this. Eric will ask if it's okay if the Grahams and the Meaghers come over on Saturday to watch the Seahawks. Both of these families have kids that Sam has grown up with, albeit mostly boys. I told him that yes, that would be fine, but I HAVE to go to Alex's soccer scrimmage, so he'll be on his own, with Samantha, until that's over. So approximately an hour after overhearing this exchange between me and her dad, she starts in. She'll come up behind me and almost whisper to me, "I really want to go watch Alex's scrimmage," which is complete bull. It will most likely be raining, if not pouring, and windy as hell, this being winter in Washington and Buckley. Since we've done this so many times lately, I immediately snap. "Don't be ridiculous. I don't even want to go to the scrimmage. It's going to suck and be really cold. You're staying home with dad. All the kids will want to see you, and you need to stay here." About an hour later, same thing. After three or four hours, I really have to hold myself back. I asked her if she was planning on worrying about this until Saturday, in which case she will for sure have given herself a huge stomach ache. I KNOW that she will end up having a blast with all the kids here. She's been pulling this same thing for months. Basketball, she doesn't want to play; Emma's house, she doesn't want to go; New Year's with her cousin, she'd rather stay home. But I make her go and then have to drag her home later when she doesn't want to leave. I think she thinks some people make her uncomfortable, but they really don't once she's there and relaxed.

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