Friday, January 4, 2008

Windy? Ah, YES ...

So my sister's blog has the local weather on it as a page element on the side, which I think is totally cool. She's been trying to tell me how to add the weather to my blog, but here's the problem I have with that (other than the fact that I've been unable to figure it out). The Buckley weather on WeatherBug comes from a station at Bonney Lake High School, which is at least ten miles away. So this morning, the wind has blown over my FULL garbage cans and the lids are nowhere to be seen. The Buckley weather on WeatherBug says that the wind is 2 miles per hour. The local weather on the site says it's gusting to 19 miles an hour. I'm no sort of wind expert, but if you ask me, I'd say 35 or so, gusting even higher. I had to run out of the house and gather the garbage cans after they picked up the garbage for fear I'd lose them, also. So until they put a windometer right outside my house, I don't think I'll bother posting the weather on my blog.

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