Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Summit

So I finished Everest: Beyond the Limit the other day. I was actually glued to the TV for the second to the last episode, and I couldn't imagine how the last episode would top it. Everyone in the group managed to summit, but the DRAMA. One guy, who had been kind of a problem, always doing things his way, which was usually LATE and at his own speed, actually BROKE HIS HAND on the way up, IN TWO PLACES. So he decides he absolutely has to continue on to reach the summit. The main issue is (as the voice-over guy has told us time and time again) that once you reach the summit, you are only halfway there. Just because you reached it alive, doesn't mean you automatically get to live. Anyway, this guy made it back down with the help of the guides and the next episode had the asthmatic and this 71-year-old Japanese guy summiting also. I figured they probably might not be showing this stuff if one of these guys actually died, but maybe they would. They showed other climbers who had died. Everyone had to actually pass a couple of bodies on the way, and the camera showed one over and over. This was a totally exciting series, which also wasn't too long. I may actually look into renting the first season, and I'll definitely be watching the third.

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