Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, we decided to keep Samantha home from school today. Her cheeks are rosy and she's warm, plus she has almost lost her voice. So she's laying in my bed upstairs watching my new TV. Every now and then she calls me to "come up here", which due to my back situation, is not easy. So I usually yell back, "Are you sure you need me up there?" Yes. So I get up and stretch and try to stand upright for a minute or two, then trudge up the stairs. When I got to the top the first time, I had to stay for a few hands of Crazy Eights. The second time the urgency was to ask me if, when I go to the store around noon for root beer float supplies, I would also get whipped cream for the top of the root beer floats. Serious stuff. I asked her how she thought the party that they are probably having at school because she is gone is going. She didn't buy it. She knows me too well.

I am working on a six and a half hour hearing. The hard part is getting it stroked in on my machine. I will be working diligently, and the next thing I know, I'll be on some website somewhere with no idea how I got there or why I'm not working anymore. I must have multiple personality disorder, which seems to be going around, i.e., Britney "Batshit Crazy" Spears. I hate the people who say it's all the paparazzi's fault, that they hound her too much. Maybe she could stay home sometime instead of going out every single day, making the rounds to all the gas stations and fast food joints. I'm just saying.

My sister got me turned on to this blog, which rules. She also does a cooking site, and everything she cooks looks WONDERFUL. I'm going to try two of her recipes next week. I'm also going to make some cookies that she posted directions to tonight.

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