Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wham! Rap

My sister posted the Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go video, which, admittedly, is SLIGHTLY embarrassing for George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, compared to this. Hello. If you've ever watched some vintage Take That videos, I'm not sure this even compares. I read on a comment board once where this woman said she didn't know whether to be horrified or amused. This is one of those "hormusing" examples if I ever saw one. When Wham! was big, I LOVED Andrew Ridgeley, not realizing that George Michael, the singer/songwriter, was the gay one anyway. I know I've had a few of those "I wish I could reach back in time and slap myself for doing this" incidents, although I can't speak for the guys. Maybe they think their brief foray into rap wasn't so bad... You be the judge.


jana said...

No comment on Max's foray into Mooses life? I am serious when I said he was STANDING ON THE BAR!!! STANDING. ON. THE. BAR.

jana said...

I don't know if you'd call what he was doing dancing because I am sure he got up there more for a reaction from me, but when I went over to get him down the guy who'd been giving him money (he was with a group) said (jokingly of course), do you know this woman? And Max said no!!!