Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back Pain

So almost exactly a year ago, I started working out at Curves. Up until then, I had had chronic back pain for about two years. It was, I'm sure, a result of my job and carrying all my gear all the time the same way. I always carried my stuff hanging off my right shoulder, so to compensate and so my stuff wouldn't slide off, I always leaned toward the left. The marshalls in my building used to taunt me that I'd have back pain when I was older. Fine. Done. It started one year on the way to Montana when I rode the whole way in the back of the van. It went off and on for a couple of years until, like I mentioned, it became pretty much every day for a year or so. Then I joined Curves and the pain was gone in a month. So I've been back-pain free for a year. Until Sunday. I think I sort of started aggravating it a month ago when I had a cold and started sleeping on two pillows, I'm sure at least 8 inches off the mattress. After my cold was gone, I kept doing it. I noticed last week that a couple of times I'd wake up and feel a little something in my back. But I ignored it. Until Sunday. I was eating breakfast with Samantha and reached for something and that was all she wrote. It's loads better already, but still painful. It's like this is how my thinking in my brain would look if you were to write it all down:


let's see, what do I need to get done again? oh yeah, that one, um transcript that was due, when was it December? oh, that's funny, I said December and I meant January. what was I, um, ah, thinking about again? oh, yeah, that Steinberg transcript that -- hi kitty, kitty, what are you doing in -- hey where did I put my phone, oh, right here, um, in front of me. what was I thinking again? oh, doesn't Mr. Maring owe my money? where did my phone go? oh, um, right here. what was I going to do today? oh, yeah, some work, wasn't it?

So you see, it's really hard to CONCENTRATE on anything but my pain. So why shouldn't I spend the whole morning in bed, is my question to you? I'd do a fancy poll like my sister does, but I don't know, um, how to.

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