Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snoqualmie Pass

Well, the good news is we made it home okay. The weather up Snoqualmie Pass could only have been worse if there had been a sheet of black ice underneath all the compact snow and ice, which I don't know, maybe there was. Anyway, as we were white-knuckling along behind all these other cars, going about 30 MPH, I was watching the guy in front of us, thinking to myself, "Man, if we could just get close enough to see that guy's license plate, maybe my brother-in-law could run it and get me the address so I can send him some HATE mail, along with some helpful winter driving tips." Such as, if you are driving UPhill in a SNOWSTORM and you are following behind someone, if you feel the need to hit your brakes at least once a minute, YOU ARE FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY. I don't care if you are traveling with that person, it's pretty unlikely he's going to suddenly make a break for it, knowing you are glued to his bumper, and somehow get away. Plus, chances are you both have cell phones. Get a clue, you idiot!

Then, while we were slogging along in the treacherous winter driving conditions, we were listening to the pass report, which was telling us that the stuff we were currently in would not be as bad as what was coming tomorrow, a winter storm warning. Hello. I think you weather guys should check outside before you tell us that what's already here is going to be coming later.

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jana said...

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