Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amazing Kid

Yesterday Alex had volleyball after school. As soon as it was over, I picked her up, ran her to Wally's for some "dinner" (at 4:30), ran her home to eat and change, then to basketball practice. When basketball was over, I had a half an hour to get her to soccer practice, where I picked her up at 9:00. We raced home, she got in the shower, and I blew her hair dry while she ate another "dinner" of pot stickers. She only has that crazy schedule twice this month, but it still amazes me that she did it. She didn't complain once, although she whined a little after basketball that her feet hurt and the gym was too hot. But if there's one thing about her that is amazing, it's her attitude towards sports and her coaches. She wouldn't DREAM of being late for practice, and unless she has a really good reason, she would never skip a practice. Luckily, she's a 4.0 student, so I don't have to follow through with the threat that, "If your grades start to suffer, you have to quit something." It will be soon enough that she'll have to give something up when each sport starts demanding more time and school soccer and volleyball are in the same season. I have a feeling soccer will win out in the end, but I'm thankful that she will have two years to try out volleyball.

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