Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Television Chat

I had started to chat about some thoughts on T.V. shows in my Monday Madness post, but decided I needed to devote a post to T.V.

The Rock of Love II with Bret Michaels Reunion show was on last night. I know, I know. I wouldn't even call this a guilty pleasure, because it doesn't make me feel guilty. It makes me feel a little smug that I'm not a skank appearing on national T.V. trying to win Bret's "love". It also makes me feel like taking an antibacterial shower. But after last night's show, it would appear that there won't be a RoL III, with Bret anyway. It's been especially interesting to me, what with all the Guitar Hero we play around here. I've actually passed three songs on hard, one being "Talk Dirty to Me" by Poison. So every time I watch RoL, I think of GH and vice versa. It all ties my life together very nicely. HA!

Saturday the season finale of Torchwood on BBCAmerica kept me GLUED to the T.V. I've only recently come to the conclusion that I MUST WATCH THIS SHOW. It's one I've always TiVo'd but the last couple of months have been stellar. The finale had two main characters die. I freaked out and got online to see if these would stick. And while I think that the British are way more pragmatic with the way they run their television entertainment, it would appear that maybe they aren't entirely behind Torchwood. I'm sort of freaked about it. Then I also happened to catch Doctor Who (the first episode of a three-episode finale) and was glued to the T.V. for that. Doctor Who is also a show I tried to watch religiously in the beginning, but it never sucked me in. But man, this finale sure did. Although if Torchwood doesn't get renewed or the main MAIN character isn't back, I think I would blame Doctor Who and wouldn't watch that one. Not that the British would care. On the plus side, I do have the entire first season of Torchwood, which I will be watching soon. I also have to finish Robin Hood.

A show that has become one of my weekly "MUSTS" is The Soup on Friday nights with Joel McHale. Absolutely hysterical. The thing about reality T.V. is that it's almost funnier reading episode recaps on TVGasm.com or Television Without Pity than it actually is watching the show. This is one of those instances. I would NEVER watch, for instance, the Bad Girls' Club or Flavor of Love or I Love New York (I do have SOME standards), but Joel shows you the hysterical stuff and you don't need to worry about watching the show to think he's hysterical.

Monday night T.V. has become the night to watch for me. It kind of sucks because my family is still a Dancing with the Stars family, but the fact that this season is running during baseball has really put a damper on our DWTS. So last night I actually taped How I Met Your Mother and the Big Bang Theory, instead of downloading them and watching them the next day. I think HIMYM has totally hit their stride this season, and of course, CBS hasn't decided whether to renew it or not. The last few episodes have been, in my opinion, PERFECT, the timing, the jokes, the end of the episode. PERFECT. And the Big Bang Theory always has at least, for me, two laugh-out-loud moments in every episode, the kind of laugh-out-louds where I ALWAYS grab my phone to text my sister about how funny this show is. Last night I actually thought "This show is hysterical. I need to text Jana and tell her this show is hysterical. I know, I'll just use the same text that I probably sent from last week telling her that the show is hysterical." I was not all that surprised to find out that last week the text telling her that this show is hysterical was about HIMYM and not the Big Bang Theory. But it's the same every week for BOTH shows.

Greek is also on on ABC Family channel on Mondays. While the previews make it look like some stupid sitcom about the Greek system at a made-up college, it's SO not that. It's an hour-long show that is funny and touching and makes you feel good you watched it, like Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights. I don't usually get Greek watched until the next day, but it is SO worth watching. Seriously.

Another show that never disappoints me when I catch it is The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. It's not one I even tape, but when I watch it, it always has laugh-out-loud stuff in it. I may have to buy his book. I watched it once over spring break with my mom, and it's like you sit there for a half an hour with a stupid grin on your face the whole time. Good stuff.

The Office is back and has had a couple of pretty funny episodes, and also 30 Rock. I almost wish 30 Rock could make Dennis Duffy a permanent addition to the cast. These shows rarely disappoint. And Battlestar Galactica rules the world, so much so that my sister was trying to decide what to put on her new personalized license plate, and I suggested 12CYLON, meaning that she is the 12th Cylon, and even though BSG will be over in a few months and we will know who the REAL 12th cylon is, and she will have this license plate presumably forever, she seriously considered it for a minute. Plus you can only have six letters in Montana, not seven.

While the writers were on strike, I got in the habit of getting on my computer instead of watching T.V. every night, and I remember actually thinking, "See, I can live without so much T.V." Well, I guess NOT. I wish I could give up crap like Rock of Love, but I can always find at least one hour I've wasted during the week where I can fit it in, although I do spend more time reading the recaps than actually watching each episode. T.V. is just so good right now! I wrote the word "hysterical" seven times in this post. I think I need a new word.

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