Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Madness

And so it begins. This week's schedule is PACKED SOLID. Seriously. I mean, damn near every single minute of this week is already accounted for (as soon as school lets out in the afternoons). So I thought I'd better get a post in now, while I'm thinking about it.

This has been one of the weirdest high school baseball seasons on record. It's almost May and we awoke to a dusting of snow today. The baseball team has to get in SIX games this week. That's how far behind they are. Who knows if it will happen. Today looks like it's shaping up to be nice. Another part of the problem here is that we sort of only have one and a half "pitchers" to speak of. But the team has pulled together some nice wins. And they are pretty young. Eric's philosophy in the past has been that sophomores don't normally play varsity, but I know he has some freshmen on the team this year.

The cat has a fractured leg. This led to a discussion of "options". There are two possible surgeries, both of which are expensive and both of which aren't "sure-fire" solutions. The fracture is in place, so the surgeon suggested keeping Tonks in a kennel for four to six weeks to let the fracture try and heal itself. He's actually taken to the kennel pretty well. We'll see.

I saw Horton Hears a Who yesterday with Alex and Samantha. Totally cute movie. But we all came out of it not feeling great. Samantha even fell asleep for awhile yesterday afternoon, which led to the scene last night starting around 9:00. I think that girl is going to need some therapy at some point. She's now aware that bedtime is at 9:00 and that if she gets to bed late, there is NO WAY she will be able to go to school. She'll be too tired. Except for the fact that she is usually up at least a half an hour earlier than she needs to be. But try telling that to a freaked-out 6-year-old who's busy shrieking that she can't sleep and can't go to school. Last night I assured her that she could possibly stay home this morning if she had to. But she made it to school. I guess there will be NO MORE NAPPING of any sort for that chick.

Alex had made the JV volleyball team at school. She's really good, but I think the reason she didn't make varsity is because she is shorter than some of the other 7th graders who did. They were told on Friday that one JV player was being moved to varsity and they'd know today. I think it's between her and one other girl, who is about three or four inches taller. I really hope she gets moved. Watching the first game, I felt like my head was going to explode. There were seriously some kids on her team that I wasn't sure if they even knew what sport they were playing. That being said, the team they played on Thursday for their second game, I'm afraid that team THOUGHT they were in maybe soccer season and had been playing soccer all this time, only to find out five minutes before the game that, no, this is volleyball season. It was THAT BAD. And that seemed to relax Alex's team to the point where I think there may be some hope that what they are doing might resemble real volleyball in a couple of weeks. I hate to be too harsh, but if you yell "MINE" when a ball is coming over the net and then DON'T MOVE and JUST STAND THERE, you probably should be suspended from school for at least a day. It's just that big of a pet peeve of mine that I think I can officially put it on my list of pet peeves, even though it's a sport that will probably only come around six weeks a year.

So Alex's schedule has her doing volleyball after school, basketball on Monday and Wednesday after volleyball, then leaving early for soccer until 8:30. I know it's terrible, but she wants to do it all. She heard the basketball team may be quitting for the season after the tournament on Sunday, so she wants to be there for that. She has a soccer tournament this weekend, and if they don't advance to the semis, she can play in the basketball tourney on Sunday. My cousin told me that this is the point where they made their daughter choose a sport, but I think that's part of the problem with youth sports nowadays. She may not be the best at any of her sports, but I think she should get to play as many as she wants, as long as it doesn't affect her grades, which it doesn't. Anyway, I'm not going to preach about that.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this week and we can move on.

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