Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Round-Up

Samantha cleaned out her folder this morning and brought me this. I said, "Oh, that's so cute. I'm going to scan it and put it --" And she finished the sentence for me, "On your blog?" From time to time she does bring me stuff she's done, either in school or at home. I think she always feels like she won if I scan it and post it. But if I do it too often, she'll work on nothing else but artwork for my blog!

Jana's cat had kittens, and I suggested naming them Starbuck, Apollo and Boomer after Battlestar Galactica characters. She was totally on board. Here we are thinking it's the coolest that she named the new kittens after BSG. I told Alex the names yesterday and she thought they were cool until I mentioned they were all from BSG. Then she said Jana and I are total nerds. So then I couldn't remember whose idea it was, and I was kind of hoping it had been hers, thus, she'd be the bigger nerd. I still think she kind of is. I wouldn't put it past her to let her cat have one more batch so she can name them Helo, Roslin, Baltar, Adama and Six!

Alex's soccer team played Friday night and Saturday. They didn't win a game and haven't scored yet in four outings, but you watch them and you don't think they suck. They look good. She's having a lot of fun, and we already had a team dinner, whereas in ten months with her old team, NOT ONE DINNER. So we are already winning. The old team's philosophy was simply to not only win, but kick ass and spare no cost doing it, even if it means letting kids who don't regularly make it to practice start anyway and not giving playing time to kids who do make it regularly and always early to practice. They also didn't allow chatting of any sort, thus, ten months with a team and there were some girls she never spoke to. I actually saw one of the girls playing volleyball and almost didn't recognize her because I'm not sure I ever saw her smile before.

My aunt and uncle gave us their old king-sized bed, so I got rid of Alex's old bed, and she got the guest bedroom bed, while the guest bedroom got the queen-sized bed. It was a TON of work to get everything switched around, but I did a lot of cleaning on the way, and I love my new bed. It has a four-inch memory foam topper. I'm all about the memory foam. My pillow is solid memory foam. I think I'd wear memory foam if they made clothes out of it. Maybe not.

Alex's basketball team has decided to take a break, which is a good idea. There is just so much soccer going on, and with volleyball, she had three practices some nights. When basketball started, it was on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, which was actually perfect. But then they switched it to Mondays and Wednesdays, thinking it would be easier on everyone, but it so wasn't. And what started out kind of casual, get in some extra basketball, kind of ended up too intense. The girls never won because we were going to these tournaments with these (I'm assuming) year-round teams, and I think one of the coaches started thinking we needed to work a lot harder and be so much better. But in the end, around here anyway, I think soccer is king, much to my chagrin. There is a girl on Alex's team who is hurt and won't be able to play until July, possibly June, but she goes to ALL the practices and ALL the games, which is really admirable but sets the bar pretty high. Alex was whining about not feeling great and I told her she could stay home today. The WASL is done with and she doesn't have a game after school. She said, no, she still has soccer practice and that even if she was sick, she'd have to go so she knows what they're doing. I guess because they might do a new play and she wouldn't have an opportunity to figure it out once in the coming ten months of play. I kid!

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