Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cycling Prank?

So the night I got to Montana, there was an NCAA men's basketball game on, and my sister had some friends up to watch it. She was busy looking stuff up on the computer (What's a Hoya, What's a Tar Heel, important stuff) when one of her friends tells her to look up T-o-m-B-o-o-n-e-n, Tom Boonen, who happens to be a pro cyclist and also half of the wallpaper on my computer right now. I was just sure Jana was pranking me. You just don't hang around, especially in Montana, with a couple of cops and talk about pro cycling in the middle of the NCAA semi-finals. It took me a while to conclude she has some friends that really ARE into cycling and that it wasn't just some elaborate, subtle prank.

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