Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who Knew Cats Had Knees?

Well, now I do. Our big fella, Tonks, has pulled some of the tendons around his knee. After a trip to the vet and $300 worth of x-rays, at least he doesn't have a torn ACL or a fracture, as the vet originally thought. So we're supposed to severely restrict his activity levels for the next four weeks. I think I even saw something about walking no more than five steps to the litter box. Hello. At first I thought that might not be so bad for a cat that appears to sleep 18 hours a day. We got a kennel to stash him in at night, and during the day will keep him locked up in the laundry to eat and do his duties (doodies - ha) or my office to sleep in a random sunbeam (if he's EXTREMELY lucky). But it appears he's going to want to be walking around more than I first thought. We'll see about that, $300 x-rays.

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