Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snowday Snowman and a New Haircut

Here is a picture of the second day in a row we had of snow. Growing up in Montana and playing high school tennis for four years, every one of our first tennis matches were snowed out. But that was Montana. This is Washington. This is high school baseball season, and I am married to the HEAD BASEBALL COACH. Imagine my chagrin whenever I wake up and it's RAINING SHIH-TZUS or better yet, SNOWING. I better explain the Shih-tzu comment. When Alex was little, 4-ish, and we still had two shih-tzus, she and I were driving in the rain one day. We were stuck in traffic under an overpass. As soon as we got out, I realized how hard it was raining and I said, "Man, it's raining sheets of rain." A few minutes later she said, "Yeah, it's raining Shih-tzu rain." How's that for cute?

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