Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Horror Movie Acting, Snow Days and MICE

So today the recess across the street sounds more like there are a few kids rehearsing to audition for a horror movie than a carnival ride. My throat hurts just listening to them. I remember when I was younger, maybe about 4th grade or so, my friends and I developed a game where we would burn around the neighborhood on our bikes, maybe a three block radius, and SCREAM whenever we would turn down a street or alley and see one of our friends. We would then turn around and take off the other way. This was one of the funnest games ever until my mom pointed out that with all the screaming, someone might get the impression someone was hurt. Somehow the game just wasn't the same yelling "Hello" instead.

I had to run Alex to the school at 7:00 this morning for volleyball practice, and it was SNOWING, as in near white-out almost blizzard conditions. It was seriously sort of hard to drive in because you could barely see. But the snow was gone by 10:00 or so, so it was nothing serious. Samantha did ask if her teacher had called yet to tell her it was a snow day.

When I got home from dropping Samantha off, I could tell something was up with the cats because they sat in the kitchen for the next two hours and stared at the stove and the area underneath the stove. Last summer I had signed up for this pest control service which got rid of all of our beehives and the wasp nest on our house. I recently checked to see when my contract was up (May), then immediately discovered mouse turds in the garage. So the guy came and put up some traps. I had to call this morning because of the alert cat incident. They are coming Friday. I may not cancel that service after all. I even let the cats into the little crawl space under the sink. That's what we pay them for, after all! But then I thought, Ugh, if they actually caught something, would I ever want to kiss them again? Alex said we'd have to wash them up. They actually kill flies all the time. I don't think we've used our electric tennis racket/fly swatter once since we got the cats. They have too much fun stalking and toying with the flies to take that away.

Oh, I also had some cute pictures I wanted to post, but I hit DELETE instead of MOVE. Then I went and restored them from my recycle bin (I hope those were the pictures), and now I can't find them.

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