Monday, March 3, 2008

Soccer in February and March

I know I've mentioned this before, but hello. Today I was working in my office and all of a sudden I heard the wind start to howl and what must have been HUGE raindrops hitting my window. I knew right then it was 2:30 and that soccer practice had just started. I'm not sure why Alex wants to keep doing it, especially when most of her school soccer season has been EXACTLY like today. She says she likes the shape it keeps her in, which is great, I agree. I know after this year and making the varsity team, she also likes the fact that she is one of the better players at her school. The U12 premiere team she was on, whose season just ended, like them or not, everyone around here knows who they are, and she was a part of that. But then she actually played in the goal for a bit today, and when I picked her up, she had grass and mud stuck to the side of her face. GRASS and MUD stuck to her FACE.

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