Thursday, March 13, 2008

Samantha makes me sigh over and over

My sister mentioned to me that she read my last post and that Samantha makes her laugh. Right when I got her text, I had been thinking about the Green Team awards the night before. About half the team wore their t-shirts (we came directly from Federal Way and Bellevue all day and didn't have time to go home and change). I didn't think she'd need hers. It wasn't a game, just the awards. Well, one little boy brought some sharpies and had kids sign his shirt. Soon, even some of the kids without their shirts were having the team sign their shirts. Samantha was wearing a hand-me-down of Alex's that she LOVES. One boy started to sign that shirt, and I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown right there. She tried not to cry. I told her for sure I could get it out (I can't, so far, after soaking all night in Oxyclean). Anyway, she was also upset that she didn't have her shirt. I told her she could wear it to school the next day and have kids sign it there, since more than half her team is in her class. On the way home, we were discussing the logistics. It seems that they "aren't allowed" to have sharpies. I told her she could take one of my small, hanging sharpies that hang from my rear-view mirror and keep it hanging around her neck and only use it for signing the shirt. She seriously started to freak that I would even suggest she take a sharpie to school. They are NOT. ALLOWED. I told her I would write Ms. B. a note and that surely she would let the basketball kids sign her shirt. At this point her voice is about two octaves higher, so I can barely understand what she's saying, but it had to do with this "NOT. ALLOWED. TO. BRING. SHARPIES. TO SCHOOL." and how "NOBODY. WOULD. LET. HER. NOT. EVEN. THE. RECESS. LADY." I finally gave up. Luckily we were home and the broken green glass distracted her.

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