Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random Thursday

~ Man, I blinked and it's Thursday. This week has seriously flown. I'm reminded why we never plan on Eric going to Montana for Spring Break. Today is likely his second rain-out game this week. He usually only plans on games Monday and Tuesday for Spring Break, but then often has to play make-up games the rest of the week.

~ I took a "two-hour" job in Bellevue yesterday which went from 10:00 to 4:00, sans LUNCH, also. Being in Bellevue meant I left my house at 8:15, so it stands to reason I ate around 7:30. My attorney wanted to just "push through and get done", so we all sat there in that dizzy, starving HAZE. At one point, around 3:00, he asked me to read a question back. I read, "Where did you make the appointment for them?" My attorney said, "Hm, I think that's supposed to be 'Why'," at which point the other attorney agreed and they both had a chuckle at my expense. So I pretended to be typing and said, "Here I'm noting that I've had NO FOOD". He laughed some more and said that was fair. But it is appearing to me that since my machine was recently cleaned, that some of the letters aren't showing up like they should, which means I may have to have it checked AGAIN...

~ This morning when we left the house, Samantha noticed the remnants of the broken beer bottle that Eric dropped last night while he was taking the garbage out. Even though she SAW him cleaning it up last night when we got home, that fact has apparently vanished from her sharp little repetitive question-asking brain. So she says, "Oh, look at that green glass. Where did that come from?" I think I instinctively knew what was coming, since this has been somewhat of a new trend lately. So I said, "Oh, that's glass from a bottle dad broke." Then I realized I had left some pertinent information out, so I quickly added, "It was a beer bottle he broke while he was taking out the garbage last night when it was dark out. That's why he couldn't get it all cleaned up, because it was dark. I'm going to have to finish cleaning it up today." I thought that would do it, but leave it to Sam, "Why did he break it?" Oh, Sweetie, you're killing me.

~ I had hoped last night, since I had a spare hour and a half before the Green Team awards ceremony, that I would get a chance to check out the new Trader Joe's in Federal Way and also check out Macy's for a spring dress for Alex. Instead, I thought I'd better check in at Discount Tire to see why my low pressure light keeps going on. An hour and a half later, my tire is fixed. For free, of course, but wahoo. No TJ's this week. Also, the dress thing for Alex? She hasn't worn a dress since kindergarten. For her best friend's birthday, they are taking the girls to Seattle to the Spaghetti Factory, and the girls are dressing up. That in itself is frightening because the last time I bought her a dress, she was 5. She's 13 now. Help.

~ Also, Samantha and I went to McDonald's for breakfast. On the way to school, I said, "Well, it looks like Eric's baseball game is going to be rained out again." It's like that thing where every once in a while, while talking to your children, you accidentally call their dad by his name instead of dad and it really must throw them. Also, she has an Uncle Eric, but he's in Iraq and, to my knowledge, has not played baseball since the Cenex t-ball team went undefeated and we got to eat at Arctic Circle twice a week the whole season for victory celebrations. Anyway, this being Samantha in her weird question mode, she says, "Eric who? Uncle Eric?" I mean, come on. Her dad comes home EVERY NIGHT in his baseball gear. She and Emma M. made signs last weekend that say, "Go Hornets. We love the coaches." I took a deep breath. I seem to be doing that a lot lately.

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