Tuesday, March 4, 2008

U6 Co-ed basketball - The Green Machine

Well, Samantha's last game was tonight. They actually did great. They played a game yesterday, also, after a three-week break. Samantha's kindergarten teacher came to watch, and they all really stepped it up for her! It was like standing there talking to a rock star. Kids were leaving the floor to run over and hug her. But even kids who had never shot a single shot before were heaving that sucker at the basket. So tonight they pretty much did the same thing. It was really fun to watch, and Samantha scored her first basket ever. When she dribbles, she sticks her tongue to the side in her mouth, which is EXACTLY the way Eric plays Guitar Hero. If you mention his tongue, he actually has to quit playing because he can't concentrate. One of the really funny things about pee-wee basketball is that if you are watching the game and you yell for a kid, like, "Good job, Jace", nine times out of ten, that kid will stop and look at you. I also didn't realize some people are so comfortable coming to their kid's basketball game smelling like alcohol, but that's another story. Anyway, it was a fun season, and we discovered that Baskin Robbins has $1.00 scoop Tuesdays!

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jana said...

I always tell parents that I feel like a movie star when kids see me outside of school because they get so antsy and lots of times embarassed and won't come up to me.