Monday, March 24, 2008

Starting Your Week Out Right !!!

I had the girls off to a reasonably good start this morning, not a lot of bickering, no major incidents at breakfast. Granted, everyone had to change their plans as to what they were going to wear after I checked the online weather that said it wouldn't get to 50 today, even as the sun is BLAZING in the window and practically burning my retinas. The web site says chance of mixed rain and snow, so they both had to CHANGE from the capris I told them to wear. Anyway, I finally sat down with my coffee to check my email. Last week I had written a pretty big check to the chick I work with for commissions, and I told her to deposit it RIGHT AWAY. I kept wondering why she hadn't, and I was getting ready to yell at her. This morning she told me the check had bounced and had cost her $75 in fees. OH YEAH, my account doesn't have checks, so the check I wrote was from the joint account, which would have required me to TRANSFER money so it wouldn't bounce. This just makes me want to go back to bed.

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