Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mayhem Update

It's taken me a couple of days to recover from the mayhem that happened at the Mayhem Tour. I seriously felt hungover, and I didn't do anything but work! I had forgotten how I'm seriously not a sunny girl. We got out there at 11:30, starting selling around 1:00. By 1:45, with only breakfast around 8:00 holding me over and some 80-plus degree weather, I was thinking, Crap, I HAVE to eat something or I may pass out. I did get a quick lunch break, and that was okay. I didn't work the Tim McGraw concert, but apparently the soccer team group took in $2,800 or so. We took in over $13,000 at the Mayhem Tour, just to give you an idea.

These fans were along the lines of Iron Maiden, but on the whole, quite a bit younger, I would say. Plus, all the afternoon bands were on the stages in the parking lot, so we were RIGHT there. I thought my ears were going to bleed after a while. Driving home that night, I was thinking, You know, I'm not sure that was worth it. I guess we made eight or $900 for the soccer team. Now that I've had a couple of days to recuperate, it was pretty fun. I wore my croc sandals because I don't do the job where you have to walk all day, but my feet still killed me. It was a LOT of work. I almost had to work the Stevie Wonder concert last night, but Eric was gone so I was left off the hook. I almost wanted to go and see how different it could be.

Both the concerts I've worked have been HEAVY METAL, dude. Or maybe you're not supposed to use the "dude" vernacular with metal. I'm not sure. I figure I could end up being one of the cooler moms in the neighborhood, seeing as I now know the difference between Disturbed and Slipknot, and I can tell you the ages of Black Tide and could even pick their guitar player out of a crowd. I guess if I'm going to work there, I might as well learn something!

Here is Slipknot and their song that's on Guitar Hero. They have some pretty weird masks, but the lead singer now has curly blond hair, instead of that long stringy dyed red stuff. You might even think he might be cute, under that creepy serial killer mask.

UPDATE: I went back and watched the whole video, since I didn't watch all of it when I picked it out. I'm bummed you can't REALLY see their masks. It is some creepy stuff. Then I was struck by thinking about how if I were to "bang" my head like that for one quarter of the time of this song, I think I would have a screaming headache. How on earth do the guitar players do that and still play? And is there such a thing as Shaken Adult Syndrome? I'm just saying.

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