Monday, July 28, 2008

Wish Me Luck...

Tomorrow morning, Alex has a haircut with a new stylist. Her old chick moved back to Puyallup a couple of months ago. No sweat, we thought, I can take you to her every month and a half or so. So when I called two weeks ago to get an appointment, I was told Jessica was off until September due to a medical procedure. Help. So we're trying out someone new in Enumclaw tomorrow.

Do all teenagers go through a seemingly bipolar stage? She's also been having back pain, which I think is due to the $3 flip flops she wears. So I actually offered to get her some Fit flops, which as any woman knows, are available at Bath and Body Works for $50 bones. You heard me. My brother-in-law's cousin told us that her friend's back actually stopped hurting from these shoes. Thank god we went to five different stores and didn't find any. Well, not thank god in a sarcastic way, because the entire expedition did SUCK, and at one point, after I threatened, "I'm not sure what I'm even doing here" and she retorted, "Well, fine, let's go home, then", I actually did turn around to head home. But thank god in the "I didn't have to spend $50 on shoes for Alex that I really wanted for me" because my mother then informed me that she heard people's arches are falling because the shoes don't have much support. Not sure any flip flops actually do. Anyway, I've taken away her $3 pair and I've told her to start wearing her tennis shoes. We'll see.

I have been working lately for a firm from Yakima that I used to work for probably four years ago. They're keeping me busy, so I can't complain. Well, actually, I can, because what I really want to be doing is transcribing from CD's at home. But that isn't working out so hot right now, so I'm happy to have this work. Plus, I've been keeping WAY on top of it since I'm leaving for Montana on Friday and I don't want stuff hanging over my head when I get back.

Also, for the longest time, Alex played Guitar Hero only on Easy, trying to get five star reviews on every song, while Eric and I slaved away all the way up to Hard. I got stuck on Story of My Life, which is actually a LONG song, while I think Eric has passed maybe half the songs. A few months ago, Alex stayed at her cousin's house where they made her play Mediums. About a month ago she picked up the guitar and passed maybe five Hards the first day. Now she's passing Hards all over the place regularly and has even passed some Experts. What gives? Maybe someday I'll come out of retirement and try again. She was even playing Through the Fire and the Flames on Medium, which is WAY hard, and chatting while she was playing. HELLO.

The funniest new show that my sister and I have just discovered is called Spaced, which is actually showing some on BBCAmerica, like at midnight. I've seen the whole first season, and Tim and Daisy are my new heroes. They are the most lovable slackers ever.

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