Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Jam concert

Nope, not a fan of the hip hop fan. Let me just say, heavy metal fans were BY FAR a better crowd than the hip hop fans. We took a ton of abuse yesterday for the price of water ($4.00, which WE DO NOT SET the price of), and the fact that we have to keep the caps. This is starting to become a bone of contention with me, though. I have brought home enough caps to keep me entering points in my My Coke Rewards account through maybe October, so that's cool. But we actually got yelled at at one point by this little blond White River Amphitheater employee because she was told the vendors were giving out caps. Later, when I was sitting during my dinner break drinking a diet coke, mainly due to the fact that the food joint was out of everything except nachos, I noticed the walk-around vendors (who are not a part of our group) giving out drinks with caps. I don't mind taking the caps, as long as I don't eventually get in trouble for taking them home. One of the parents told me that we were supposed to actually leave all the caps in the cooler. Let me say until I'm caught redhanded, I will be taking the caps home. Even then, we work our asses off, and we should get some reward, even if it is only taking home TRASH. We also rarely get breaks and didn't get dinner, so SUCK IT. But I don't appreciate getting yelled at when other vendors are doing it. The only times in previous concerts I have given caps is when it's a parent with a kid or someone relatively sober and courteous who is ordering three or more drinks.

Anyway, it was a long HARD day, and if I can help it, I won't be working the last all-day show at the end of the summer. Heavy Metal fans RULE.

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