Monday, June 30, 2008

Coaching GU7 Soccer...

Last year after I signed Samantha up for soccer, I got approximately 6 emails letting me know that the league STILL needed coaches. I remember thinking, Dang, if I had EVER coached kids before, OR if I had EVER played soccer before, I just might volunteer. But I didn't. We showed up for Samantha's first practice and I mentioned to the guy coaching that I had thought about volunteering, but I had never coached or played before. He showed me all his internet printouts and told me he had never coached before either.

Anyway, cut to a year later, and I've just registered to coach my daughter's team. While I was filling out the registration, Alex was hanging out by me sort of helping/giggling. It asked a couple of questions, "List previous positions working with kids and number of years experience." "List number of years coaching soccer." And one other question having to do with my soccer/coaching experience. I first left them blank, but they wouldn't let me. I said to Alex, Man, is there anything I've done that could remotely be considered working with kids? She said, Well, you helped that one day in Auntie's kindergarten class.

I wonder if there's a reason I've never volunteered to help out with kids. Although I did work in Samantha's class once a month for about six months, but that was mostly die-cutting stuff or stapling books together or filling up snack cups. Well, we'll see how this goes. At least I have a couple of built-in assistant coaches, one with the soccer knowledge (Alex) and one with the coaching knowledge (Eric).

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