Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moss Removal vs. Trampoline Jumping with a cool older sister...

Samantha had her friend Emma T. over on Monday, which ended up in Emma spending the night and the girls playing at Martha's house down the street Tuesday morning with Martha and another girl from their class, Jace. I was visiting with Martha's mom at swim lessons last night, and she was telling me that when the girls were over at her house playing that morning, that Martha was being a baby and whining that the other three wouldn't play what she wanted to play. Her mom was frustrated and wondered if this was just her child. So I filled her in.

For the most part on Monday, Samantha and Emma T. played just fine, but I did have to (a) remind Samantha that Emma T. was company and got to be served first at dinner, to which she replied, I wish we didn't have that company rule! To which I replied, Well, why would anyone want to come over and play with you, then? (b) I had to tell Samantha that she needed to do some of the things that Emma T. wanted to do, not just what she wanted Emma T. to do with her. Later on that night, Alex came down and offered to take the girls out to jump on the trampoline with them. Emma T. was all over that, following Alex to the back door. Samantha tells Emma T. to come help her with this garden glove that she's putting on, then asks me if it's all right for her and Emma T. to go out into the front lawn and pick out some of the moss that's there. I mentioned that Alex was offering to jump with them on the trampoline and wouldn't she rather do that? No. So then Alex asks Emma T. what she wanted to do. Of course, Emma T. would rather jump on the trampoline with Alex. So then Samantha puts her biggest pout on and runs over to me on the couch and starts to cry. Hello. It didn't take long to make her see the logical thing to do here, but I did have to promise we would discuss the moss idea after the trampoline jumping.

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