Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, we finished up with the second weekend of soccer from Richland Sunday night. And, wait for it, we landed in the P-4 bracket, which had we skipped the tournament and stayed home and saved several hundreds of dollars, we would have been ANYWAY. But at least this last weekend had a HUGE silver lining. Last Friday, and every day this weekend and every day since, the weather has SUCKED. It's been freezing, windy and rainy. Samantha's kindergarten picnic was Friday up at Mud Mountain Dam, and it lasted approximately 30 minutes. The kids huddled under the covered picnic area, oinked their food down, grabbed their parents, and split for warmer climes. So arriving to the Tri-Cities for a weekend of 75 degree weather, albeit VERY WINDY (who knew the Tri-Cities was so windy?) was actually a pleasure.

The P-4 bracket and what this means -- we are in the Premiere 4 league for Washington state, there being four premiere soccer leagues total in Washington state. But the girls had a great time and totally bonded, which if you know me at all, was my biggest complaint with Alex's last soccer team, the LACK OF BONDING. Anyway, it might not have been totally worth it, but I'll go with 80 percent worth it. Plus, in the P-4 bracket, all of the teams are located in the western half of the state, so there won't be a lot of traveling to the east, although for me, it's not so bad because my family could possibly come from Montana when we hit Spokane, if we were to hit Spokane. But apparently Spokane, what with WINTER weather three or four months of the year, must play indoor soccer or something, as three of their premiere teams made the P-1 and there is at least one Spokane team in the other brackets as well. But our team so far has been a great experience. I can't name one single girl I don't like, the parents are all (mostly) cool, even the fundraiser has been a blast so far. Good times...

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