Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Relay for Life

Well, first things first. The cookies Samantha and I were going to make didn't turn out at all. I actually didn't even try to cook them. They were a roll-out cookie which I think I left in the fridge for WAY too long. So we ate dough for two days before I finally dumped the rest. But it was brownie cookie dough, so that was sort of a bonus.

The Relay for Life was a pretty awesome event. It was sort of like a street fair, only cleaner and with nicer people. Samantha had a BLAST. She even told me at one point, after getting a balloon animal and then her face painted, that this place was like heaven because it just had everything. We finally went home around 4:30 and took a break. I had to walk again at 10:00, so Samantha and Alex came with me then. We got to see the lighting of the luminaries, which Samantha had decorated probably five. So she thought that was pretty cool. Then the girls hung out in the Curves booth until 11:00 when I was done. I actually got up in the morning to help clean up, went and got coffee, and got to the field at 8:50, because I was told it would be over at 9:00. There was NO ONE left. Except for the garbage at the curb and the water bottles and water coolers, you wouldn't even have known anyone had been there. My guess is they split as soon as it started raining, which I have no idea when that was.

The girls and I are actually heading to Montana tomorrow. Not sure why I decided I really wanted to go right now, especially with gas prices, except that in August we are really only going for one week. Alex has a soccer tournament August 14th and I don't feel right having her miss two weeks of practice and then showing up for the tourney, so we'll be home for the week of practice right before the tourney. So I figured now would be as good a time as any. With all the crap Alex has gone through the last couple of months, I figured she could use some cousin time in a different location as well. We will meet up with Eric in Spokane for the 4th of July tournament.

Grandma and Grandpa got a new puppy, which they will pick up right after the wedding in August. She is part Cairn terrier and part West Highland terrier. Samantha is keeping a list of potential names in the seat pocket in the van. Grandma says that the grandkids can have input, but they get to pick! We are totally excited to see the new addition, although I'm afraid for what it will mean for the Fiedler family. We are such dog people...

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