Saturday, May 3, 2008

Auction Update

Last night was Southwood de Mayo at my daughter's school. They had a taco bar dinner and a silent auction. Imagine, I actually got heckled by a 6-year-old for slipping and calling it Cinco de Mayo once. Anyway, Alex and I were running around bidding on stuff, having fun. A little bit later, she decides to go home early, so I'm taking her home and she's texting her cousin Molly. Molly asks her if she's coming to the auction the next night. OMG, that's right, we have another auction to go to on Saturday. I rushed back to the auction praying that some of the stuff we had been bidding on got bid on by someone else! We ended up winning the basket full of girl scout cookies, which we REALLY needed, I am sure, and Alex got a pretty green necklace/earring set. We'll see what happens tonight. Since the cost of dinner last night was $7 an adult and $4 a kid and tonight's is $25 a person, I'm thinking tonight may be out of our league, but you never know!

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