Monday, May 12, 2008

The Week of Samantha - Monday

I'm calling this the Week of Samantha. Last week was my birthday, my sister's birthday and Mother's Day, so I have a stack about an inch high of cards and pictures from my chickie that I need to scan and post. Plus, her first loose tooth is literally hanging by a thread, and I told her that when it falls out, I would need to post a picture of her with a gap in her mouth on my blog.

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday morning, Alex's new soccer team not only scored their first goal, but won that game as well. Alex wasn't on the team last year, but apparently they didn't win any games, so we're already better than last year. Plus I think they look really good. You don't watch them and secretly think, "Boy, we suck." They're actually pretty fun to watch. One of the moms asked me what I felt about the scrimmage coming up on Friday night, where we will be scrimmaging the "A" team, the team Alex was on last year. I told her I totally didn't want to scrimmage them, seeing as how they only know one style of play, KILL. And since they have never been taught any sportsmanship like qualities on the soccer field, I'm not expecting any. So they will come out and kill us and possibly turn off the new goalie Alex recruited from her school team who has never played at this level before. I told Alex to prepare our goalie this week and let her know that we may get as many as 9 or 10 scored on us and not to feel bad. I'm not saying they are poor sports, because we actually played a team last year that spit on their hands before they slapped hands after the game. We chose not to participate in the spitfest, and that's not something our team would ever have done. But when it comes to soccer, there's one goal (HEH) with two parts, and that is (A) WIN, and (B) BLOW-OUT.

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