Monday, May 19, 2008

Where did the Week of Samantha Go?

Man, I must have gotten distracted last week. Samantha came to me on Tuesday complaining that the inside of her nose hurt when she pressed on the side. Then on Thursday evening, she and her dad went to the park. When they got back, according to them, nothing had happened, but her nose looked almost like it had been burned on the top. The next morning it was scabbed over, about a one inch by a half inch scab, so I took her to the doctor. I normally probably wouldn't have, but because of the earlier incident, plus the fact that when she had impetigo 18 months ago it mostly only affected her nose, I was thinking it was something. The doctor said it might be an infection and gave her an antibiotic. But she has had to explain to EVERYONE (because everyone seems to ask) that, No, she didn't fall down or hit a wall or get hit in the face with something. Then I have to explain about the nose hurting and the earlier infection and how she is on antibiotics. Finally, during breakfast on Sunday, my aunt told the little boy hanging over into our booth from the adjoining booth at Denny's, whose parents were ignoring him and letting him BUG us, that she had just fallen. It was easier.

We all went to Spokane for my cousin's fiance's bridal shower, which was really nice. Sometimes when you leave town like that for approximately 32 hours, you feel like you just got back from vacation when, in fact, you have hardly been gone. So I'm checking my bank account online and I'm like, Oh, nothing has cleared since I last checked. Well, duh, there hasn't even been one business day that has gone by. Our joint account had had a hold placed on it on Friday because a check bounced. They normally just do a 24 hour hold. I called and transferred funds, but I accidentally used that card at the fruit stand in Ellensburg. The girl told me it was declined, so I used my other card, but in my head I'm in a complete panic thinking, How the hell did I use $600 this weekend? That can't be right. Well, it wasn't, I had just used the wrong card. When I got home I rushed to the computer to see why the joint account had been declined since I had transferred money. Well, the hold hadn't even been taken off yet.

We had a really nice weekend. Grandma Jeanne gave Samantha $20 for her first lost tooth. Of course, four hours later, the $20 was lost, also. Samantha just totally didn't care because she was having too much fun swimming in the hotel pool and hanging with her sister and cousin, plus she didn't need money for anything right then. I think that's the part that bugged me more, that she didn't care. So finally, we were in the drive-through, just me and her, getting dinner last night and I said, Man, my stomach hurts when I think about the $20 you lost. That's two months' allowance. Doesn't that make your stomach hurt? It finally did. I know, it was sort of evil, but I wanted her to care. Last night my wonderful cousin Brittany found the money at her apartment, so it all turned out.

Drew's fiance, Jami's, sister Angie plays basketball for Tennessee (National Champs two years in a row), and Angie was there, so it was kind of like meeting a celebrity. She's really cool. Watching her and Jami is a bit like watching younger, taller, and way thinner, slightly less funny, versions of Jana and me! I know sometimes the only ones that think we're funny are me and Jana, but we SO are. But I had someone take a picture of Angie and the girls, which also has Samantha's nose in it, so I will get a copy of that from someone and post it for all the world to admire.

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jana said...

We are WAY funnier, but they have a similar connection with each other so I get where you are coming from.