Monday, May 5, 2008


Ugh. It's one thing to know your daughter needs braces and to hope that they can get started soon, even though she still has one baby tooth, and to envision yourself paying $150 or $200 a month every month for her braces. It's another totally sobering conversation when the contracts come out and it's all laid out for you. And I appreciate that we do have some insurance, but come on, $1,000 lifetime/maximum is a little ridiculous. Woo-hoo.

Anyway, after the orthodontist, Alex is usually hell-bent on getting back to school, but today she was all laid back, whatever, so we stopped at my still favorite nursery back in our old stomping grounds in Federal Way. I have been looking for some lavender to plant on the side of my house. QFC has these huge, beautiful pots, but they're $30 a piece, and I wanted three or four. The lady at my old nursery even apologized that they didn't have much, although what they had was WAY more than I had found anywhere else. And these didn't look like they were left-overs from last year and they had some blooms already. And, of course, the smell. Then we went to lunch at Taco Time, and we went in and sat down and had a really nice lunch. Alex even said that apart from the orthodontist, she had a great time today!

Oh, on a side note, Samantha's teacher texted me to see if she had some sort of lessons going on today or something she would be wanting to lay the groundwork for getting out of later, because she had complained of a tummy ache. See how that little fart has trained us all to think?

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Happy, Happy Birthday Robyn!!!