Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Week of Samantha - Tuesday

I told Samantha she screwed up my Week of Samantha schedule by losing her tooth yesterday, but she was so excited! She got a little plastic tooth necklace with her tooth inside to wear home. We tried to get a picture of her normal smiling, but she's had problems normal smiling and showing her teeth resulting from a weird smile about a year ago. I'm constantly trying to talk her into showing her teeth for pictures, but she won't. Anyway, the Tooth Fairy remembered to come and left her $10. I told her the first tooth always pays more, so she's prepared next time. I remember how disappointed Alex was to get $8 bucks the first tooth and only $2 the second and third.

I have to go in for my mammogram tomorrow, but since I don't go in to Tacoma/Federal Way that often, I also have pleasant things planned to get done. I have to buy some more lavender plants since we gave one to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day. I also got a $25 gift card at Bath and Body Works, and then I found another $10 card that I got in the mail. Wahoo! $35 bucks at BBW. I also need to get a new case for my phone, and I might even get Eric a new phone. He needs one really badly. So I'm mostly looking forward to the trip, except for the fact that I also need some lab work done and can't eat beforehand, which I'm hoping I don't pass out driving in. I'm a serious breakfast girl. If I don't eat again the rest of the day, I'm fine, but I NEED my breakfast.

I just talked to an attorney who owes me $1,300, and he told me the amount had been approved and the check has been sent, which is great, it will allow me to catch up on some bills, but it's also kind of a drag because I don't have that money to look forward to. I've kind of been slogging along in the bill-paying arena lately, but knowing I had these three big invoices out there really helps. Now we're down to two, but I appear to have two big orders in the hopper, so we'll see. My luck, they'll all end up being 4-minute hearings.

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