Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Stuff

~~ Last night was Alex's awards ceremony for her grades. I had to take Samantha to swimming until 7:00, then get her showered, and got to the awards around 7:15. Everything worked according to plan, except that Eric had sat at the far end of a row of seats and I had to push past maybe 15 people. Well, I'm sorry, but when you first have to help a 6-year-old get her hair washed and rinsed after swimming in your "dress-up" awards ceremony viewing clothes, no matter how hard you try, you are going to be enjoying said ceremony with wet pants from the knees down. I'm sure these people I had to climb over were freaking themselves out for a few minutes wondering what the hell just touched them that was so wet.

~~ Just a couple of my kitchen pet peeves, since it's been bothering me a lot lately. I hate when "people" open the bread, take out a slice or two, then don't even bother to twist the bag back up. The bread on top is hard within an hour. Grab a clue.

I hate when "people" slice off a piece of cheese and then go ahead and zip the bag back up, but leave 2 GALLONS of air, like a fancy balloon with a lump of cheese in the middle. How we fit anything on the same cheese shelf with this balloon thing is beyond me.

I hate when "people" put their dishes in the sink for me to take care of, but, knowing, KNOWING (having been reminded OVER AND OVER) that we don't have a garbage disposal and haven't now for two years, they still leave food on their plate, again, for me to take care of.

~~ On a lighter note, Samantha jumped off the diving board yesterday, into the arms of her male instructor, two things I never thought I'd utter in the same sentence, let alone separately. She has a friend, Martha, who REALLY doesn't want a male teacher. Since Samantha only SORT OF doesn't like having a male teacher, seeing Martha hyperventilate about it sort of put things into perspective. Also, I suspect she was semi-terrified to be jumping off the diving board but, being probably afraid to talk to her male teacher, she went ahead and did it. Her male teacher, by the way, is adorable eye candy for us moms. Just sayin'.

~~ The soccer team has league placement tournaments the month of June where we go to the Tri-Cities for at least one, but possibly four weekends in a row. I mentioned how we should have a cooler of water for the girls during these tourneys and was tasked with being in charge of getting it done. I sent out an email asking each family to donate a case of water or $7 (we also wanted washclothes for the cooler) and that I would be at practice yesterday to pick up the donations. I heard back from two or three that they would be donating. Well, I got ZERO donations yesterday at practice. One mom did tell me they had a case of water. I'm assuming I'll see more people tonight since practice is further away and people will probably be hanging around the whole practice. Not sure, if I don't get any donations tonight, what I should do. I will probably send another email saying if I don't hear from people, their girls will be on their own. Sort of a little perturbed here, but willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

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