Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bronchiectasis (Not Really)

Well, I lost my voice Saturday and it's Thursday and it still isn't back all the way yet. Which is totally not the norm. I usually lose my voice once every fall, and it's usually back in two days, tops. Plus, I just haven't felt great. When I lose my voice, my family runs around telling everyone I'm sick, when in reality, I feel FINE. So when I do try and talk, it's usually to tell them I'm not SICK. But Tuesday I finally gave up and went to bed for the day around 11:00, and I'm thinking that maybe ought to be what I should be doing right now. Plus, it doesn't help that the dep I was working on this week was about this woman and her chronic bronchitis and her bronchiectasis (which is a new word I just learned) and all her symptoms. Ugh.

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