Friday, September 26, 2008

Ten years ago...

I was reading some random blog, and they had posted a question about, "What were you doing ten years ago?" And I kind of chuckled because I remember, shortly after Alex was born, a good friend of mind from college, Jill, also had a baby, Drew. We met at the mall one day and were moseying down the mall with our newborns in their strollers. I can't totally remember the conversation, but the point that came out of it was that, very likely, ten years ago to that minute of mall-moseying with newborns, we were in college and most probably were drunk, exactly ten years earlier. And while I'm not totally proud, but only sort of, we did have a really good run there for awhile.

Now I can say that ten years ago today, I was probably busy playing some form of Chick Tickle (of which there were several: Reach Chick Tickle, Area Chick Tickle, etc.) because Alex and I did that A LOT. For those of you wondering, she was the chick, and I did the tickling -- Good Times! But no, all that Chick Tickle did not cause her to stutter or give her bladder problems or trust issues. So there!

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