Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School '08

So it seems like everyone was in a dither all weekend worrying about the first day of school. Seeing as how Alex was the only one with an actual "bad" experience last school year, I don't know what Samantha's problem was. She woke up an hour early this morning and told me that at 4:30 this morning she almost threw up and then was awake all night. Uh, I don't think so. She doesn't even have a clock in her room. How would she know what time it is? But the thing is, I know how her twisted little mind works and what she is thinking. While she's eating breakfast, she tells me she might throw up. I told her to come have some milk of magnesia and hurry and puke, if she's going to, so she can get ready for school. I even told her that if she didn't go to school at Southwood this year, that I would march her across the street to Elk Ridge. So on the way to school, she seems fine. As we're approaching the drop-off, we see ALL these classmates AND THEIR PARENTS on their way to class. I kind of said, Oh, I wonder if I should go in with you. Uh, yeah. So I walked her in. She marched around the room doing all the things you are supposed to do when you first get there. Her teacher from last year is doing a kindergarten/first grade split, so she has the same room, same teacher. She must have kissed me good-bye four times before I finally left. Little turd.

Alex's morning went pretty smoothly. She was pretty nervous, but she was texting a friend of hers while getting ready, which seemed to help. I have to admit, though, I forgot to get a picture of her before school, which I'll have to do when she gets home. After I got home (I decided I should get the whole day off today and not do a lick of work, make a great lunch, and take an awesome nap) I remembered I had told her I'd call the school to see if she could get her P.E. teacher changed. While I didn't hold out ANY hope that it would happen, I tried. The lady I was talking to said she'd put Alex on the list. Then she asked who was the teacher she wanted instead of the one she got. When I told her, she said, Wait a minute, it looks like she was already moved into that class. So I don't know if Alex made it to the right class today, but she should be thrilled with the move.

The one thing I forgot about school is how early I have to get up. Pretty much the whole rest of the family, including the cats, goes to bed around 9:30. I go pretty much at 11:30. Then I have to get up at 6:30 with Alex. The last couple of weeks, I had been thinking how I never nap anymore and I must have finally kicked that habit. Then I realized that the last two weeks, the girls and I have been sleeping in until about 9:30 every day. Quite a difference.

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