Sunday, September 28, 2008

Soccer update

On the bright side, Alex's team won yesterday. NO TIE. Excellent. But of course, I was at Samantha's game, so I missed it. The Firecats (Sam's team) played a team who practices twice a week and scrimmages boys' teams. WTF. I consider myself lucky if I can get 20 solid minutes of practice out of my girls. ALTHF. Why not just have your girls play up a year? Seriously? GU7 soccer, and you think it's essential that you have your team practice twice a week and scrimmage boys. Whatever. We lost, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be. They had a coach on our side of the field, as well as their side, yelling to the girls. One girl, I noticed, several times stopped playing to give him the stink eye. I was kind of surprised, but then not so much when I saw her leaving with the head coach and I think the assistant was her dad. She obviously loves all the extra time she is putting into her U7 soccer career.

My girls started out the game looking EXTREMELY clueless. Maybe they were just putting on an act for the other team, because while they LOOKED clueless, they were actually doing more of what they were supposed to be doing than in the past. So they are learning. It wasn't half bad. Maybe not worth missing Alex's win, but oh, well.

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