Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Weekend of Meaningful Glances

Well, not the entire weekend...

Friday night Eric and I worked the Cheap Trick/Heart/Journey concert. A good time was had by all, as usual, and Eric finally got to work and see that it really is a good time. Cheap Trick was first. They had a bunch of songs I had forgotten they played, so that was kind of cool. During most of the other shows I worked, I never cared much if I got to actually see the band or not, so I didn't bother walking through the amphitheater. Eric really wanted to see Heart, so he walked through a few times, and I did see Heart and Journey. They both sounded brilliant.

The next morning I woke up with maybe an eighth of my voice left. I could feel I was maybe losing it before the concert, but the varied secondhand smoke at the concert probably didn't help. So I told Alex she'd have to do most of the yelling at the Firecats during the soccer game. Well, no, I yelled myself pretty much the rest of the way hoarse. We actually played well. I'm guessing we lost maybe 8 - 4 or so, with one of those goals being scored by one of their girls going the wrong way, but oh, well.

Then we headed up to Everett for Alex's game. The traffic was TERRIBLE. Apparently, there were even signs that said to avoid 405, which is the freeway we took. The other people who went the I-5 way actually had it worse, though. Alex was in a panic when she realized she was going to be late (as usual), but thankfully she wasn't the only one. Once again, we ended up with a tie. UGH.

Then we went to dinner with Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Bob. At this point, my entire voice was GONE, so I kind of had to whisper whenever I tried to talk. All night long I would think, Hey, I was going to call Cathy, or Hey, I should call my mom, only to pick up my phone and realize I couldn't talk. My family kept telling people I was sick, which simply wasn't the case. I lose my voice, but I feel fine. It's just after trying to squeeze out a few words every hour, you just get worn out. I had to make a few phone calls, so I had them on speakerphone and Alex had to do the talking. I got out of working the Maroon 5/Counting Crows concert, which I actually volunteered for because I wanted to see them. But they had enough people, so it was no big whoop.

So I didn't get any more My Coke Rewards caps tonight, but I figure I have enough to be entering caps until well into next year. I don't know if it will be worth it in the end, but who knows what I'll end up with? And apparently it must make me happy, because I keep doing it.

Hopefully my voice will simply come back and not a bunch of other cold/flu symptoms, although I do fancy I sound a lot like Stevie Nicks with my raspy voice...

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