Sunday, September 14, 2008

Samantha the Great

Oh, also, our soccer team, the Firecats, didn't win yesterday, but we did score five goals. Samantha scored two of them. Alex's team tied, which, of course, half-sucks. Then Samantha passed her first Medium Guitar Hero song, Barracuda.

The church we went to this morning is the one her teacher goes to. During the first 20-minute songfest deal, I thought, Absolutely no way will we be going to this church again. Then the pastor started to speak, and he was great, funny, full of pop culture references for all ages, lots of football metaphors. He would be worth coming for, I think. Then I picked up Samantha after Sunday school, and the first thing she said was, I LOVE church. So while I would like to try the Presbyterian church in town which is way more traditional, I like that she's so excited about Sunday school. We will probably keep going to this church for awhile and just suck up the mini Christian rock concert for the first half. At least there wasn't the old, stand-up, sit-down, stand-up, sit-down, stand-up again vibe going on. We stood for all the singing, sat for the sermon and were done. She loved Sunday school even though there were only two kids from her class there, both kindergartners. I think my main goal in finding a church right now is for her anyway. So I guess I should let her pick!

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