Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busy working

This week has been kicking my ASS. I've taken (so far) two all-day jobs for a firm I work for occasionally from Federal Way. These jobs have a TON of acronymns, so it should be interesting transcription. Yesterday we started the day out and I realized people were saying PBX when I had PRX written down from the day before. At break I asked one of the attorneys if there was such a thing as PRX. No... Anyway, those things are easy to work with because I basically type P* every time they say it so I can global it in. It disturbs me, though, that I didn't realize until late yesterday morning what this company actually sold and what the lawsuit was all about. But it's HIGHLY confidential, so I can't tell you here. Even though it's totally uninteresting and your eyes would glaze over after I even told you what this company actually sells, let alone getting into what I think I understand the suing company thinks the other company did. YAWN. But the attorneys are very nice, funny even. So it's not a bad gig, just a long drive and a long day.

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