Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday - More Random Stuff

~ Busy day today. On the one hand, I managed to finish up a 189 page deposition, of which I started the day with 59 pages done. That was a herculean effort, if I do say so. I also managed to get it done before 5:00, which is a bonus for me, except it was being sent to New Jersey, so 5:00 is really like 8:00 there, so they were gone for the weekend. Oh, well, one down, three to go. I'm hoping to relax at the end of next week before panicking that I have no work and after finishing up the big stuff I have right now.

~ On the other hand, I watched all of Quarterlife on the internet today. What it is is this sort of internet soap, but it's in 8-minute episodes. I seriously think that's what I like the best about it. 8 minutes is a perfect break, and I caught two or three at lunchtime. Last week, NBC put a bunch of episodes together and tried to run it on T.V., but ended up canceling it already. Yeah, suck it, NBC. No one watches T.V. anymore because of that damn strike. I guess you might as well just show things once and then cancel everything. That will bring us back in droves, I predict. Anyway, I really don't love the characters, but it was a wonderful distraction today.

~ Then, there has been this big drama going on with the new high school and the old high school in my home town. My sister talked me into going onto the local newspaper website and posting my thoughts on the subject, which were EXTREMELY sarcastic. I sort of forgot about it until late this afternoon when I clicked over there to check and there were three replies. The second person TOTALLY missed the sarcasm and ended up calling me a rich snob and thinking I was serious when I joked they should burn down the old high school and bus those kids to a neighboring town, thus allowing the new high school not to have to associate with the less fortunate riffraff. He also said he feared for my 2 girls' future. I was kind of horrified, but I posted a clarification post explaining that while I thought my sarcasm was pretty thick, I'm sorry if he misinterpreted my posts. Later another guy posted and said that while he did have to read my posts a couple of times, they were pretty good. I felt better. I only hope the first guy reads my clarification and realizes I'm not all bad or bad at all!

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