Sunday, February 3, 2008

The End of the Weekend

Last night was the Father/Daughter dance. I had to sign them up for the last session, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., because the earlier ones were full, so I did worry that Samantha wouldn't make it till the end. They came tearing into the house at 10:15, clutching their carnations. Their picture turned out really cute. Dad said the girls danced almost every dance, which would be a major difference from last year. Although, I couldn't confirm that fact, because when I mentioned it to Alex, she wrinkled her nose.

Alex's soccer team won both games this weekend. The game today was up in some Capital Hill neighborhood in Seattle that I've been to before for baseball games. While the team warmed up, I decided to pop down the hill to downtown Seattle and hit a bookstore for a spell and buy some new reading material. I ended up driving around downtown for about 20 minutes before I headed back up to the soccer field. No way am I going to spend $8 to park for an hour so I can spend $8 more on a book. I know growing up in Montana and now living in Buckley has left me somewhat jaded about what the allure of the city might be. I don't get why it would be better to buy something at the "downtown" Nordstrom or Macy's when you could run to the mall and park for free and get the same thing. Plus, I'm sorry, but downtown Seattle is full of weirdos.

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