Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Good Old Days ...

Here is a post from my old blog. I seriously think I have some sort of predilection for accidents requiring stitches. I've had stitches on three separate fingers since 8th grade. When you think about it, court reporting may not have been the wisest career choice, considering I seem to want so badly to cut off one of my fingers...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Don't Try This at Home

So last Wednesday night I'm sitting in our LazyBoy (aka Hopeless Slackass) recliner holding my Fiskar's sewing scissors in my hand. These don't have really long blades, they're more for snipping tiny pieces of thread, but they're REAL sharp. Anyway, I go to shift in my chair and I remember thinking, "Wait a minute. Is this chair falling over backwards?" I couldn't believe it. We've had that chair for 11 years and not once has it ever fallen over. I bonked my head against the kitchen table pretty hard, so I kind of sat up shaking my head. I glance down, and I have STABBED myself in the thigh, which is now GUSHING blood. I kid you not. Well, seeing as how I was just at the Emergency Room about three weeks ago, I'm familiar with the layout and the procedures. I'm limping around the kitchen holding a fistful of napkins on my leg thinking, "I could probably just go do this by myself, unless I've lost too much blood and maybe would faint in the car on the way." I figure I better get my husband up. He took charge and got our friend Lisa to come over while we went to the hospital. I called Lisa from the waiting room and she said, "Man, what happened? It looks like a CSI crime scene in here." Bless her heart, she cleaned up all the blood and straightened everything out before we got home. Anyway, this is a picture of my six stitches. I wish I had a more interesting story.

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