Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"We Won Again"

Last night Samantha's basketball team, the U6 Green Hornets, played another game. Since her dad wasn't feeling well, he skipped the game. When we got home, he came running down to find out how it went.

DAD: Hey Mantha, how did the game go?

MANTHA: Good. We won again.

ME: Wha?!? -- well, morally, they did, I guess.

You guys won?


ME: I didn't realize that. That's great.

After she left, I laughed about it, but I guess it's great that basketball makes her FEEL like a winner. Or maybe she just wasn't interested in having a conversation with her dad right then and just said what she thought he wanted to hear. But I think she really thought they had won, which is kind of cool.

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