Monday, February 4, 2008


So I'm standing at the deli counter at Safeway the other day ordering Eric some lunch. The man next to me has ordered some jo-jo's with dipping sauce. The girl behind the counter says to the other lady working there, "Are we out of the chipotle (pronouncing it chi-pot-el) ranch sauce?" The lady didn't hear her, so she says it again. Chi-pot-el. Unless you live under a rock with no T.V., you KNOW how to pronounce chipotle. Plus, unless you assume this was her first day, FIRST HOUR, of her new job at the deli at Safeway, she should know by now that the chipotle ranch dipping sauce is NOT pronounced CHI-POT-EL. Stuff like this tends to drive me near to insane. Thank god she didn't have to spell it.

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